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Anatomy Of Body Abdomen. Bones are also the main storage area for calcium and phosphate in the human body. The abdomen is the body region found between the thorax and the pelvis.

1921 organs human abdomen anatomy original by
1921 organs human abdomen anatomy original by from

Find the perfect male abdomen anatomy stock photo. Humans have evolved separately from other animals, but since we share a distant common ancestor, we mostly have a body plan that is similar to other organisms, with just the muscles and bones in different proportions. To access the teachmeanatomy 3d model, you must be a registered subscriber.

1921 organs human abdomen anatomy original by

We'll identify as many organs as we can, see how they fit into the. The abdomen is the front part of the abdominal segment of the torso. There are close relationships and sometimes a fusion of various anatomical components. The area occupied by the abdomen is called the abdominal cavity.