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Anatomy Of The Skull Labeling. Image by user ladyofhats (mariana ruiz villarreal) in the wikimedia commons Skull anatomy labeling worksheets are a fun and useful way to simply help students understand the anatomy of the body.

canal Facial bones
canal Facial bones from

In the ct data, the upper teeth and lower teeth were joined as one mesh, therefore i completely remodelled some of the teeth so that the mandible could be detached from the cranium and can be. Human anatomy labeling worksheets skull anatomy labeling anatomy of. It was then cleaned, adapted and polypainted in zbrush.

canal Facial bones

Name the parts of the bones. The paired bones are the maxilla, palatine, zygomatic, nasal, lacrimal, and inferior nasal conchae bones. Can you identify the bones of the foot? The skull base is the inferior portion of the neurocranium.