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Colon Layers Anatomy. It receives digested food from the small intestine, from which it absorbs water and electrolytes to form faeces. On plain abdominal radiographs, the colon is seen to be filled with air and some fecal material.

Adenocarcinoma Colon
Adenocarcinoma Colon from

The colon is identified with haustra (irregular incomplete sacculations confer regular complete valvulae conniventes in jejunum). These sections form an arch, which. Beginning of large intestine appendix:

Adenocarcinoma Colon

The colon has the typical histological structure as the digestive tube: A thin layer of epithelial cells called the epithelium; Layers of the colon and rectum. These fibers form three bands called teniae coli, which create pouches known as haustra.