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Direct Inguinal Hernia. Indirect hernias are the most common type of inguinal hernia. Direct inguinal hernia it pushes its way into the inguinal canal directly forwards through the posterior wall of the inguinal canal through the hesselbach’s triangle (see below).

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Direct inguinal hernias occur in newborn babies, both term and premature. The second, a sliding direct hernia. A direct inguinal hernia is protrusion of abdominal contents through the transversalis fascia within hesselbach’s triangle.

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Five cases are reported to illustrate three types of direct hernia. The third might be called a 'secondar. Initial symptoms may be nothing more than a feeling of pressure or heaviness in the groin. A direct inguinal hernia usually occurs as a consequence of a defect or weakness in the transversalis fascia area of the.