External Oblique Strain at Anatomy

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External Oblique Strain. External obliques are larger and on the top surface of your abdomen immediately below the subcutaneous fat and skin. Pain along the upper back just below the shoulder blades;

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Your internal obliques are underneath the external ones on either side of your trunk and this location makes them deeper. Together, the external oblique muscles cover the sides of the abdominal area, being large and sitting on the top surface of the abdomen right below the subcutaneous fat and skin. External oblique muscles are the larger muscles that lie close to the skin surface.

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These muscles might end up being strained from a direct blow to the abdomen area, overusing the muscles and forcefully bending or twisting movements. Often times from the lower four ribs, it is painful to breath, cough and laugh. B, sagittal oblique muscle fast spin. How does oblique muscle strain happen?