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External Pig Diagram. Find the nostrils and mouth. External anal sphincter (musculus sphincter ani externus) the external anal sphincter is a short tube of skeletal muscle surrounding the inferior portion of the anal canal.it is one of the three structures in the anal sphincter complex which controls defecation.while the internal anal sphincter and the conjoint longitudinal muscle are considered parts of the anal.

Pig Pre Lab/Lab Core 71 Science
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Used by handlers to control the. Nostril, inhale air is warmed filtered and humidified. On males, the opening is located near the umbilical cord.

Pig Pre Lab/Lab Core 71 Science

Integumentary system • is the structure which covers and the body • also includes: Some parts have the same names as the meat products produced from them. The parts of a pig’s body have special names. On a sow or gilt, you also should be able to identify the.