Fetal Pig Anatomy Diagram at Anatomy

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Fetal Pig Anatomy Diagram. Internal organs diagram wiring source. The fetal pig that you will dissect has been injected with a colored latex (rubber) compound.

Anatomical Drawings of a Fetal Pig
Anatomical Drawings of a Fetal Pig from blog.valdosta.edu

Click on the gall bladder to view a description of the organ. It is opposite the dorsal side. Fetal pig dissection with photos developed by dr mark.

Anatomical Drawings of a Fetal Pig

The fetal pigs will tell us more about our own bodies and give us a way to explore! Chapter 2 the animal body food and agriculture. The pig in the first photograph below has its ventral side up. Thus, a study of the fetal pig is in a very real sense, a study of humans.