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High Ankle Sprain Anatomy. 18, 40 severe inversion injuries damage the lateral ankle ligaments and can also disrupt the ankle mortise and fibular stability. Lateral ankle sprain that affects lateral ankle ligaments is the most common injuries of the ankle joint that represent 85% of ankle ligament sprains.

High Ankle Sprain Illinois Chiropractic Society
High Ankle Sprain Illinois Chiropractic Society from ilchiro.org

Anatomy, existing pathology, rehab schedule and expected progressions. Anatomy of high ankle sprain. Ankle sprains account for almost 85 % of all acute ankle injuries and are a very common injury in both active and sedentary individuals.

High Ankle Sprain Illinois Chiropractic Society

This process causes the talus bone to act as a lever to pry open the connection between the tibia and fibula and disrupt the associated ligaments. The distal tibiofibular syndesmosis is an area of connective tissues that enhances the stability of the talocrural (ankle) joint. It took goaltender robin lehner more than three month to come back from a “high ankle sprain” that occurred halfway through his buffalo sabres debut in early october, another example of just how frustrating and serious this injury can be for goalies at all levels. Low grade injuries (grade i and ii) result in stretching or microscopic tears of the stabilizing ligaments, while a high grade (grade iii) ankle sprain compromises the syndesmotic structures.