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Human Skeletons Found. In this year’s excavations at the historical kadı castle ruins in the western province of aydın’s kuşadası district, the skeletons of five people, two of whom were children, have been found. Most skeletons have gone into museum vaults ( including the smithsonian), never to be seen again.

Human sacrifice skeletons found in England WPXI
Human sacrifice skeletons found in England WPXI from

5 human skeletons found in tamil nadu village: The grim discovery was made by. Chief chicasawba lived in that area of arkansas and when the mound was uncovered, the skeleton of a massive human being was found.

Human sacrifice skeletons found in England WPXI

This giant skeleton was found in a sitting position and had been arranged to face due east. There have been giant human skeletons found around the world. Many giant skulls have larger brain capacity and two rows of teeth. Cops the skeletons were seen protruding from the sandy surface in the area, which has been witnessing strong winds for the past many days.