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Inguinal Lymph Nodes Female. These nodes can be either superficial or deep, and they lie in chains, carrying lymphatic fluid from the abdomen and groin. It should be noted that inguinal lymphadenitis in women can go to lymphogranulomatosis, which has more serious consequences.

Most cancers Cervix Lymph Nodes
Most cancers Cervix Lymph Nodes from

Lymph nodes of female pelvis. Inguinal lymph nodes are more commonly known as groin nodes (glands). Lymph node metastases are the most important single predictor for survival in patients with penile cancer;

Most cancers Cervix Lymph Nodes

What are the inguinal lymph nodes? Candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis and athlete’s foot are all common reasons women may have a swollen groin (lymph nodes). I would definitely go in if: Swollen lymph nodes in the groin tend to feel lumpy, enlarged, and tender.