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Lumbar Spine Anatomy Facet Joints. Anatomy of lumbar facet joint: Biomechanics of the lumbar facet joint.

Medial Branch Blocks Spines Dorset
Medial Branch Blocks Spines Dorset from

The facet joints are formed by two articular. [1] it is the result of degenerative changes to the joints that are located between the bones of the spine, known as the facet joints. The disc joint is located anteriorly, and the facet joints are located posterolaterally (fig.

Medial Branch Blocks Spines Dorset

Fibers of the medial branch of the dorsal root innervate the facet joints. The facets from the upper and lower vertebrae join together (like entwined fingers) to form a facet joint. They are paired diarthrodial joints, posterolaterally articulating the posterior arch between adjacent vertebral levels [26]. Although these joints enable movement, they also restrict excessive movement such as hyperextension and hyperflexion (i.e.