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Mandibular Ramus. Each of the five variables measured on mandibular ramus using orthopantomograph. Bell and levy’s work {1970} demonstrated that blood flow through the mandibular periosteum could easily maintain a sufficient blood supply to the teeth of a mobile segment, even when the labial periosteum was degloved.

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The mandibular foramen, is above the mandibular angle in the middle of each ramus. The mandibular ramus morphometry is important determinant of facial symmetry and the racial characters. The study was conducted with an aim to collect and evaluate the morphometric data of mandibular ramus in telangana region.

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Mandibular ramus is located between the dentulous part of mandible (angle and body region) and the edentulous part (the condyle and coronoid region). R o dingman, w c grabb. The zygomatic arch and associated masseter muscle have been removed to expose the ramus of the mandible.its condylar process articulates with the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone to form the temporomandibular joint. Similarly, where is the ramus of the mandible located?