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Maxillary Bone Anatomy. Maxillae / mækˈsɪliː /) in vertebrates is the upper fixed (not fixed in neopterygii) bone of the jaw formed from the fusion of two maxillary bones. The body of the maxilla is the largest part of the bone and shaped like a pyramid.

Maxilla bone, maxilla anatomy & maxilla function
Maxilla bone, maxilla anatomy & maxilla function from

Maxilla) is a paired bone of the facial skeleton, and it has a body and four processes. Each maxilla forms the floor of the nasal cavity and parts of its lateral wall and roof, the roof of the oral cavity , contains the maxillary sinus , and contributes most of the inferior rim and floor of the orbit. Anatomy either of a pair of bones of the human skull fusing in the midline and forming the upper jaw.

Maxilla bone, maxilla anatomy & maxilla function

This chapter focuses mainly on the oral anatomy, and additionally considers the structures which are topographically and functionally part of the oral apparatus. The sinus is a pneumatic cavity of the facial skeleton within maxillary bone. Without the maxilla, we can neither eat properly nor speak clearly. It also enters into the formation of two fossæ, the infratemporal and.