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Mediastinum Anatomy Cadaver. Practice questions (5) practical exam (5) Gray’s anatomy for students, chapter 3 objectives:

thorax lec.4 pptx د.رند Muhadharaty
thorax lec.4 pptx د.رند Muhadharaty from

It is further subdivided into the anterior mediastinum, middle mediastinum and posterior mediastinum. Finally, the mediastinal surface of the lung is concave because it’s related to the middle mediastinum, which contains the pericardium and heart. The digital mediastinum model created in the present study provides freedom for seamless isolation and grouping of desired structures.

thorax lec.4 pptx د.رند Muhadharaty

The skin overlying the thorax is innervated by the anterior and lateral cutaneous branches of the intercostal nerves (ventral. A unique advantage to a 3d digital anatomy model is the ability to present complex spatial information that may not be easily seen in a cadaveric specimen [8,9,33,47]. The pericardiacophrenic artery and vein make up, with the phrenic nerve, the pericardiacophrenic neurovascular bundle. Structures in posterior mediastinum clinical correlate: