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Pectineal Line. On the posterior surface of the femur, the intermediate ridge or pectineal line is continued to the base of the lesser trochanter and gives attachment to the pectineus muscle. This is a result of their different embryological origins:

Femur Bone Posterior Markings
Femur Bone Posterior Markings from

Lying across it are fibers of the pectineal ligament and the proximal origin of the pectineus muscle. It acts as the point of attachment for the pectineus muscle. It forms part of the pelvic brim.

Femur Bone Posterior Markings

39 related question answers found what muscles attach to your pubic bone? It then inserts on the pectineal line of the femur, which is just inferior to lesser trochanter [2] moore kl, agur amr, dalley af. One of the ridge marks, called the femoral pectineal line, is found along the side of the upper part of the femur bone, also called thighbone. On the medial, proximal, posterior part of the femur is another (smaller ridge) known as the pectineal line.