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Pectoralis Muscle Anatomy. Originating from the anterior aspect of the medial half of the clavicle The pectoralis major is a muscle which makes up the bulk of the chest.

Pectoralis Major Learn Muscles
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It is large and fan shaped, and is composed of a sternal head and a clavicular head: In this tutorial we will guide you through the anatomy of the pectoralis major muscle. Anterior surface of medial half of clavicle;

Pectoralis Major Learn Muscles

A better understanding of the relationship of the imf, pectoralis, and chest wall anatomy can offer The pectoralis minor muscle is located at the upper chest. It is composed of three parts named for their origins, with the sternocostal head forming the bulk (~80%) of the total muscle volume 8,9: Learning about how your muscles are working in an exercise really helps you to focus on what muscles to squeeze and contract during a specific exercises.