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Plantar Foot Muscle Anatomy. The muscles act collectively to support the arches of the foot, and separately to control the movement of the digits. It contributes to the surface anatomy of the medial sole of the foot and is easy to palpate.

Plantar Fasciitis On The Side Of My Foot
Plantar Fasciitis On The Side Of My Foot from

Anatomy of the foot and ankle plantar view underlies pressure disorders at the plantar surface of the meta tarsals and toes. Walking barefoot on an uneven surface is an excellent exercise for this muscle. These muscles are also aided by the plantar fascia, managing the mechanical vectors of the foot.

Plantar Fasciitis On The Side Of My Foot

The muscles mainly customize and improve the actions of the long tendons and help fine movements of the toes. Plantar (bottom) aspect of the base of the distal (furthest) phalanges of each of the four toes. The plantar fascia provides strength for walking and assists with balance. The motor nerves of the foot are the lateral and medial plantar, derive from the tibial nerve, and supply all of the intrinsic plantar foot muscles.