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Sacrum Anatomy Nerves. The anterior divisions of the sacral and coccygeal nerves (rami anteriores) form the sacral and pudendal plexuses.the anterior divisions of the upper four sacral nerves enter the pelvis through the anterior sacral foramina, that of the fifth between the sacrum and coccyx, while that of the coccygeal nerve curves forward below the rudimentary transverse process of the first piece of. Regarded as the keystone of the human body, the sacrum is important because it forms a link between the spine and the iliac bones, and also has an important part to play in hip stability.

Nerves of the Lumbar Spine ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN
Nerves of the Lumbar Spine ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN from

It curves around the lateral margin of the sacrum where its anterior (ventral) ramus then pierces the coccygeus muscle. It serves as an anchor point that holds the spinal column together with the pelvis. The sacral canal runs down the center of the sacrum and represents the end of the vertebral canal.

Nerves of the Lumbar Spine ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN

Superior surface of the body of 1st sacral vertebra slopes forward at an angle of 30 degree. A healthy sacral region is rarely fractured except in instances of serious injury, such as a fall or trauma to the area. The coccygeal nerve descends within the cauda equina along with the lumbar and sacral spinal nerves. Further down the spine are 5 pairs of sacral nerves on each side of the spine (s1 to s5), located at the sacrum.