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Shark Muscle Anatomy. Sharks have a high oxygen demand, and oxygenated water constantly has to be flowing over the gill filaments for the respiratory system to work. Mountain ranges of the world 44p image quiz.

Shark Muscles Left Lateral View Quiz
Shark Muscles Left Lateral View Quiz from

The first type, red muscle, is found under their skin and works to break down the fats and oils in the body to produce energy. A shark’s body is adapted to living in the ocean, where every tail movement requires hard work to move through the dense medium. Dogfish skull anatomy 21p image quiz.

Shark Muscles Left Lateral View Quiz

Sharks are characterised as “stiff bodies” as they use as little energy as possible to move. Origin, insertion, function deck (14) The function of the dorsal fins during turning maneuvering in two shark species with different swimming modes is investigated here using musculoskeletal anatomy and muscle function. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper.