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Small Intestine Diagram For Kids. The small intestine is made up of three segments, which form a passage from your stomach (the opening between your stomach and small intestine is called the pylorus) to your large intestine: Enzymes produced by the pancreas for digestion include.

Human digestive system TheSchoolRun
Human digestive system TheSchoolRun from

The diagram of the digestive system that is provided in the article will give one a better understanding of this organ system as the food moves down from the mouth through the esophagus to the stomach small intestine and the large intestine before it is excreted through the rectum and the anus. The small intestine completes digestion of proteins carbohydrates fats and nucleic acids. It is actually a long tube, and an adult’s small intestine is around 22 feet long!

Human digestive system TheSchoolRun

Wall of small intestine has an outer longitudinal and an inner circular layer. The digestive system provides the building blocks or important nutrients to the muscular system. The small intestine is 22 to 25 feet (6.7 to 7.6 meters) long and coils like a maze. Villi photograph of villi magnified (very high power) note;