Spinal Cord Anatomy Model Labeled at Anatomy

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Spinal Cord Anatomy Model Labeled. Each segment gives rise to paired spinal nerves (click left image). Various views (new model 2011) eye of cow:

Human Anatomy Lab Spinal Cord
Human Anatomy Lab Spinal Cord from humananatomylab.blogspot.com

Anatomy of cross section of spinal cord including spinal nerve, dorsal root ganglion, white matter, gray matter, central canal, dorsal gray horn, ventral gra. During development, there’s a disproportion between spinal cord growth and vertebral column growth. Spinal cord (transverse section) spinal cord (close up) spinal cord (longitudinal view) label:

Human Anatomy Lab Spinal Cord

The length of the spinal cord varies from person to person. The spinal pia mater is the deepest layer of the meninges and is directly attached to the surface of the spinal cord. It transmits messages to and from the brain. It is covered by the three membranes of the cns, i.e., the dura mater, arachnoid and the innermost pia mater.