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Tarsals Anatomy. By definition, the tarsal bones function to articulate with the tibia, fibula, and the foot to form the ankle joint. You have 26 bones in each foot, for a total of 52 bones when you combine both feet.

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In humans the tarsals, in combination with the metatarsal bones, form a longitudinal arch in the foot—a shape well adapted for carrying and transferring weight in bipedal locomotion. In this anatomy lesson, i’m going to cover the foot bones, which make up part of the appendicular skeleton. The tarsal bones (basipodium) compose the first row of the skeleton of the pes.

Tarsal Coalition OrthoInfo AAOS

— jordan duncan, outside online, 12 may 2021 tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which a nerve known as the posterior tibial compresses while traveling through the tarsal. The lids move through the…. Anatomists divide the foot into three parts: Great toe consists of two phalanges (proximal, distal), the remaining four toes have three phalanges (proximal, middle, distal) joints of the foot