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Tendon. Tendons have many functions from passively modulating forces during locomotion to providing additional stability with no active work. Tendon is a highly organized connective tissue joining muscle to bone, capable of resisting high tensile forces while transmitting forces from muscle to bone.

tendon rupture The Foot and Ankle Online Journal
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Finally, a common tendon injury is tendonitis, which means inflammation of the tendon. A tendon is a band of dense fibrous connective tissue that is attached to the muscle through the myotendinous junction and to the bone through the enthesis, a complex structure with four zones forming a gradient from type i collagen to fibrocartilage and cartilage and, finally, an actual osseous union with the bone. Tendons are extremely tough and are seldom torn, even when an injury is severe enough to break a bone or tear a muscle.

tendon rupture The Foot and Ankle Online Journal

A band of tough, inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with its bony attachment. The dense, regularly arranged collagenous tissue is made up of fibers, cells of various shapes and ground substance. In this chapter, we describe general tendon composition and structure, and discuss how variations in composition and structure at different levels of the tendon hierarchy confer specific mechanical properties. Tendon (juga disebut sinew atau urat) adalah sekumpulan jaringan ikat berserat kuat yang menghubungkan jaringan otot dengan tulang.