Transverse Abdominal Muscles at Anatomy

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Transverse Abdominal Muscles. Transverse abdominis function has an interplay with many core components— the spine, and the muscles surrounding the spine, the psoas and the other abdominal muscles as well. What are the transverse abdominal muscles?

Transverse Abdominis Muscle, Its Attachments and Actions
Transverse Abdominis Muscle, Its Attachments and Actions from

On top of deep transverse abdominis lies the internal oblique, layered with external oblique and rectus abdominis on top (on the left side). The abdominal muscles are the muscles forming the abdominal walls, the abdomen being the portion of the trunk connecting the thorax and abdominal wall is formed of skin, fascia, and muscle and encases the abdominal cavity and viscera. The work of the transverse abdominal muscle is closely related to achieving a correct and upright posture.

Transverse Abdominis Muscle, Its Attachments and Actions

The transverse abdominal muscle is an integral part of your core. However, even though you’ll never see this muscle visually, it is incredibly important to maintaining a functionally strong core and for creating large amounts of stabilizing internal abdominal pressure. It is considered the deepest muscle that makes up our “core.”. The fibers of this muscle run horizontally, similar to a back support belt.