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Wrist Anatomy. It also includes the distal ends of the forearm bones. The wrist connects the hand to the forearm.

Wrist Tendonitis Florida Orthopaedic Institute
Wrist Tendonitis Florida Orthopaedic Institute from www.floridaortho.com

Musculoskeletal radiographic anatomy by dr samir benoudina. There are two long bones in the forearm that run from the elbow to the wrist: The wrist joint or radiocarpal joint, the joint between the radius and the carpus and;

Wrist Tendonitis Florida Orthopaedic Institute

The larger bone, the radius, is on the same side as the thumb. Wrist extension is tested by stabilizing the patient’s forearm with one hand and placing pressure on the dorsum of the patient’s wrist with the other hand, while the patient is instructed to extend the wrist. Bones mri of the wrist includes assessing the wrist’s bony structures, the captured distal radius and ulna to the bases, and proximal parts of the metacarpals (long bones within the hand), including the proximal and distal row of the wrist (carpal) bones(8). Triangular fibrocartilage complex (tfcc) is a ligamentous complex that stabilizes and cushions the wrist and its injuries are one of the most often wrist injuries.