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Anatomical Skeleton. This realistic anatomical replica of the human leg skeleton is wire mounted. The cardiac skeleton or anulus fibrosus is not a bony structure like the human body’s actual skeleton, but a fibrous structural support for the heart chambers.

Anatomical Skeleton
Anatomical Skeleton from

Forms the body’s vertical axis and contains 74 bones in the head and torso; Skeleton models each anatomical skeleton model in our range has been selected for quality and anatomical accuracy. In an adult body, it is mainly composed of 206 individual bones which are organized into two main divisions:

Anatomical Skeleton

The skeleton isdivided into two parts: A skeleton model is a classic item found in most medical settings. The human skeleton, like that of other vertebrates, consists of two principal subdivisions, each with origins distinct from the others and each presenting certain individual features. The skeleton system provides attachment points for the muscles, allowing the movements of the joints.