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Brachialis. Hidden from view (and slightly harder to pronounce), the brachialis is the primary mover of elbow flexion. It lies underneath the biceps muscle.

The Brachialis Muscle Yoganatomy
The Brachialis Muscle Yoganatomy from

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that originate in the spinal cord in the neck, travel down the neck (via the cervicoaxillary canal) and into the armpit. The brachialis muscle is located under the biceps brachii in the arm. Brachialis tendonitis is a painful condition also known as climber's elbow, brachial plexitis, and brachial neuropathy.

The Brachialis Muscle Yoganatomy

The brachialis is the “workhorse” of elbow flexion. Specifically, this muscle originates from the middle, front part of the humerus. Explore the characteristic symptoms of. The brachialis muscle is most active when your forearm is in the neutral position, i.e., palms facing inward.