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External Ear Anatomy Auricle. Although the outer ear is the least important part of the ear’s hearing function, it provides the necessary structure and protection. The external ear consists of skin (with adnexa), cartilage, and six intrinsic muscles.

The Human Ear The Auricle Part 2 Wayne Staab
The Human Ear The Auricle Part 2 Wayne Staab from hearinghealthmatters.org

The anatomy of the external ear, also known as the auricle or pinna, is complex [hunter and yotsuyanagi, ] and remarkably inaccurately described by most authors. External ear anatomy (auricle or pinna) the outer ear auricle or external ear is composed of all of the parts of the ear outside the skull. The auricle in humans is almost rudimentary and generally immobile and lies close to the side of the head.

The Human Ear The Auricle Part 2 Wayne Staab

Pinnapinna single piece of yellow elastic cartilage covered with perichondrium and skin(except lobule and outer part of external auditory canal) attached to the side of skull by ligaments and muscles (supplied by facial nerve),muscles are not well developed in human External earexternal ear auricle or pinna external auditory canal 4. The auricle or auricula is the visible part of the ear that is outside the head. The auricle and external acoustic meatus (or external auditory canal) compose the external ear.