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Female Rat Anatomy. Ovaries appear as a mass of follicles just posterior to the kidneys. •the surface of the rat cerebrum, as with most lower mammals, is smooth without the complex sulcal pattern seen in humans endocrine system •adrenal glands are larger in the female than the male.

B. Sc. II Animal Diversity IV (Old) Study of rat
B. Sc. II Animal Diversity IV (Old) Study of rat from sybscvidhinkamble.blogspot.com

The short gray tube lying dorsal to the urinary bladder is the vagina. Rats have shown a remarkable ability to survive and thrive. The primary interspecies differences in levator ani muscles are that 1) the rat iliocaudalis muscle originates from the ilium, while the human iliococcygeus muscle primarily originates from the arcus tendineus (which does not exist in rats);

B. Sc. II Animal Diversity IV (Old) Study of rat

The purpose of the reproductive system is to ensure the continuation of the species. 2 rat body (female rat); The cornua of the uterus unite to form the vagina. •the hypophysis in the female is greater in weight than the male.