Homologous Structures at Anatomy

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Homologous Structures. These provide evidence for a common ancestor. With internal structures, homology indicates organs that have similar positions, structures, or evolutionary origins.

11.2.2 Homologous Structures YouTube
11.2.2 Homologous Structures YouTube from www.youtube.com

These structures do not look exactly similar or the same to each other or have the same functions to do. An example of this is the arm of a. An example of a homologous structure is the human arm as compared to the wing on a bird.

11.2.2 Homologous Structures YouTube

It’s important to note, however, that organs do not have to have the same function to be homologous. Homologous structures include a dolphins front flipper, a human arm, a bat’s wing and a rats foreleg. An example of this is the arm of a. The human arm is very similar to the flipper of whales, the leg of cats, and the wing of bats in anatomical structure.