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Oblique Planes Of The Body. Anatomical planes are imaginary planes/2d surfaces used to divide the body to facilitate descriptions of location and movement. 2, illustrates the three basic forms of gynandromorphs:

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An oblique plane in the anatomical position describes any plane that is not in any of the coronal, sagittal, median or horizontal planes.an oblique plane in the anatomical positionanatomical positionin humans, the anatomical position of the skull has been agreed by international convention to be the frankfurt plane or frankfort plane, a position in which the. The frontal plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions. Divides the body vertically into unequal right and left sides.

PPT The Human Body PowerPoint Presentation ID640744

Human movements are described in terms of three anatomical planes that run through the human body. The transverse plane lies horizontally and divides the body into superior and Introduction • when a plane surface is inclined to one of the principal plane and a side or a diagonal or diameter of a plane surface is a parallel to that principal plane and inclined to other plane surface will be called oblique plane. Oblique plane (not shown in the figure) is a slanted plane (at an angle) that lies between the horizontal and vertical planes.