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Sensory And Motor Areas Of The Brain. The cranial nerves connect the head and neck directly to the brain, but the spinal cord receives sensory input and sends motor commands out to the body through the spinal nerves. An area of the cerebral cortex where motor and sensory functions are integrated.

Sensory And Motor Cortical Areas
Sensory And Motor Cortical Areas from

Neurons that sense feelings in our skin, pain, visual, or auditory stimuli, all send their information to the somatosensory cortex for processing. It contains the cerebrum which makes up about 85% of the total mass. These days all the modern cars have sensors, sensors are their to sense, how much effort is require to do particular stuff.

Sensory And Motor Cortical Areas

The motor cortex sends muscle signals down the spinal cord. Broca’s area is located in the lower portion of the left frontal lobe. Start studying sensory and motor areas of the brain (picture). Where are motor and sensory functions integrated?