PHP’s Composer is the worst tool, but it is the best we’ve got

“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried.” Winston Churchill, plagiarized Composer for PHP is much like democracy, except for there are no others. So I have always hated Composer, for many reasons. And my views on Composer are admittedly in stark contrast with many others […]

Can your coding standards do this?

I am not a researcher so I don’t have the statistics to back up my assertions for the post, but I have mostly written programs for a living for over 25 years — in my opinion — there is one hugely important aspect of coding standards rarely discussed and that is: reproducability. “Reproducability” defined What […]

A better alternative to “return early” – PHP / WordPress edition

Yes, complex conditionals are worse. But there is a third, better way. And no, it does not involve GOTOs. Me This post is about a coding pattern I have never seen used by anyone else for writing guard clauses, especially when those guard clauses are complex. This pattern results in code that is significantly more […]

How to explicitly declare that a struct implements an interface in Go

One of the things I love about Go and find to be a strong supporter of serendipitous interface standardization is Go’s implicitly declared interfaces. However, there are times you really, really want to explicitly declare an interface, such as when you have a larger interface and you want your IDE and/or the compiler to tell […]

In defense of “Syntactic Sugar”

One of my biggest career pet peeves as a software developer is when I see other developers derisively write “Well, that is just syntactic sugar“ in response to a proposal for improving a programming language. So today I want to write in defense of this often maligned underdog, and explain why syntactic sugar not only […]