How to specify a zeroed UUID in MySQL

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash Working on a recent project that dealt with data synchronization across disparate systems, I realized I could not use the oh-so-easy INT for primary keys. Instead I chose to use the emerging best practice of employing UUIDs for distributed databases. However, the library functions in Go are not friendly […]

Proposal: Contracts in Go (Not Generics)

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash #Update When I wrote this I did not remember that the draft design for Go2 generics chose to use the name “Contracts” for a new language feature to provide a Go-idiomatic response to generics. Still, I stand by my use of the name contracts for this proposal as I […]

GoLang Strict Typing and Interface Slices

Photo by Louise Lyshøj on Unsplash This is a GoLang Experience Report. …but you cannot define the rows parameter as type []RowInserter because []interface{} won’t match it, even though RowInserter is itself an interface. Background I am relatively new to programming Go, but I have been developing software professionally in a variety of programming languages […]

Practical Object-Oriented Programming for WordPress Developers: A Tutorial Series

Goals of this Tutorial Welcome to this ongoing series whose goal is to teach Object Oriented Programming to WordPress developers. This series will teach you in a unique manner compared to traditional tutorials on OOP and based on my several decades of instructional experience. Using this approach it I believe it will be easier for […]

Practical OOP for WordPress Installment 1: Objects

This is the first of an ongoing series whose goal is to teach Object Oriented Programming to WordPress developers.  Check out the table of contents for the list of other installments. This first installment starts off slow and easy to ensure we don’t loose anyone. But fear not, future installments will accelerate the pace and challenge all […]